Hi, I am Suyog Jadhav.

I am a machine learning developer from Pune, India. My research interests include applications of AI in the field of healthcare, computer vision and robotics. I am currently a master's student at UiT Norway and aspire to be a researcher in the coming future. If you have something great on your mind and want to collaborate, feel free to ping me.


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How to get the Asus mic mute key working in Linux on Zephyrus G14 (2021)

The mic mute key that ships with the Asus Zephyrus G14 functions normally on Windows, but on Linux it is not recognised by most distros. The fix listed on the Asus-Linux’s FAQ page did not work for me after multiple tries, so I had to dig around a bit and finally found a way using acpi. It took a while, but the mic mute key is finally working normally on Zephyrus G14 2021 loaded with Kubuntu 21.04!

SSH to GCP instance as the Root User

Google cloud SDK by default logs you in as a different user when connected via SSH. The steps to overcome this limitation and login as the root user are discussed briefly in the tutorial. BONUS: If your ISP blocks the default SSH port, I have also included a small section that still allows you to SSH to your GCP instance, using an alternative port.

Using ANTs package on Google Colaboratory

I couldn't get ANTs to install on the Colab environment. There are not many helpful articles on the internet, and the existing pre-built binaries were too outdated. After some iterations, I was able to build ANTs from the source on Colab itself.


Brainy is a virtual MRI analyzer. Just upload the MRI scan file and get 5 different classes of tumors detected and segmented.