Hi, I am Suyog Jadhav.

I am a machine learning developer from Pune, India. My research interests include applications of AI in the field of healthcare, computer vision and robotics. I am currently an electronics junior at IIT (ISM), Dhanbad and aspire to be a researcher in the coming future. If you have something great on your mind and want to collaborate, feel free to ping me.


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SSH to GCP instance as the Root User

Google cloud SDK by default logs you in as a different user when connected via SSH. The steps to overcome this limitation and login as the root user are discussed briefly in the tutorial. BONUS: If your ISP blocks the default SSH port, I have also included a small section that still allows you to SSH to your GCP instance, using an alternative port.

Using ANTs package on Google Colaboratory

I couldn't get ANTs to install on the Colab environment. There are not many helpful articles on the internet, and the existing pre-built binaries were too outdated. After some iterations, I was able to build ANTs from the source on Colab itself.


Brainy is a virtual MRI analyzer. Just upload the MRI scan file and get 5 different classes of tumors detected and segmented.


FaceSearch: Searches for faces in a given image using OpenCV and the Google Reverse Image Search engine.