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Suyog Jadhav

Machine Learning | Deep Learning | AI in Medical Imaging | Computer Vision | Data Science

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Keras implementation of the paper "3D MRI brain tumor segmentation using autoencoder regularization" by Myronenko A. (https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.11654).
Jupyter Notebook 214 87
FaceSearch: Searches for faces in a given image using the Google Reverse Image Search engine.
Python 42 7
Brainy is a virtual MRI analyzer. Just upload the MRI scan file and get 3 different classes of tumors detected and segmented. In Beta.
Python 28 9
Solved programming exercises from the Advanced Machine Learning specialization by National Research University on Coursera.
Jupyter Notebook 18 17
Recognizes emotion using webcam (live). (In Progress)
Jupyter Notebook 7 2
This is the implementation of a fully customizable neural network with arbitrary no. of hidden layers using only Numpy and no other builtin library in Python.
Python 5 0
Detect and track any object @ over 100s of FPS on CPU!
Python 5 0
Accompanying code for the paper "Object Detection Neural Network Improves Fourier Ptychographic Reconstruction"
Python 4 1
A faster version of the usual drowsiness detectors built using OpenCV.
Python 4 0
Recognizes devanagari digits in an image. (In progress)
Jupyter Notebook 3 0
An index of the songs that I have on my Music channel on Telegram. Updated dynamically.
Python 1 0
My Resume in LaTex

My Skills

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